Mug Club 2018/2019 Membership


A one year membership to The Brotherhood / Sisterhood Mug Club. Members claim a numbered 20oz stein which hangs behind the bar and receives $6 plus HST fills of any Brothers beer below 7% ABV. Beers above 7% will be served in their appropriate glassware. Members also keep their limited edition mug at the end of each year and get invited to attend a yearly Brotherhood exclusive party. Your first fill is free and so is one on your birthday! Memberships will become active on December 29th 2018 during the Mug Club Switch-Over Party. On Decmeber 29th, or upon first visit after, new members will choose their mug from the avilable mugs lineup. This year's mugs are made by local potter Maninder Kaur and vary in shape, design, and colour. Members get first dibs on renewing their membership each year with the same number and mug, or option to upgrade to the new year's mug.







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